About OkTeachMe

Founded by Jeff Vanke, a Math teacher at Patrick Henry High School in Roanoke, Virginia.  Vanke has previously taught English composition and History, and he is the author of two historical novels, The Berlin Deception and Witness.

Vanke started OkTeachMe to offer students continuous help and correction during assignments.   He designed OkTeachMe based on years of experience, both for automated help and to allow in-person teachers the most productive possible use of their own classroom time helping students.

Security. OkTeachMe is secured by established, name-brand providers.
Payments are processed by PayPal®.   We use SSL (https) to ensure the security of your registration information.   We use a password encryption provider, so we will never have your password.

OkTeachMe is work in progress — some sections are incomplete.  Currently limited to Math, OkTeachMe will expand to other subjects, including vocabulary-building.